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FOUNTAINBLEU is a record label that celebrates both the new and the old from which the new has arrived. Blues, Country, Rock 'n Roll, R & B, they all share a common landscape rooted in the folk tradition in these United States. This rich vein has often been mined with great success by such performers as Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams and Ray Charles. These performers have also brought great acclaim to the record labels that have discovered and nurtured them. Such labels include Chess, Atlantic and Sun, all at one time small and influential independents.

FOUNTAINBLEU puts itself squarely within this group. As a small label based out of New York City, we feel fortunate to have a tremendous performer base from which we can draw -- a base that we feel should be given greater exposure than that just given locally. FOUNTAINBLEU looks to expand this base while maintaining its own unifing "sound".

That sound can be best described as "roots music". We at FOUNTAINBLEU want to "push the envelope" of the folk tradition so as to include all styles of music, yet still maintain its earthiness and humor. From the deepest blues to the high gloss of pure pop, FOUNTAINBLEU 's impact on the market place is one we feel confident will be noticed.

"There is no substitute for quality", so goes the saying, and FOUNTAINBLEU is no stranger to this dictum. All recordings are done using the very best technologies available (either digital or otherwise), and strict control is constantly maintained throughout the entire recording and mauacturing process to ensure the highest possible quality. All product is UPC barcoded to ensure proper inventory and sales.

Knowing the constant whims of the market place, we feel that FOUNTAINBLEU offers another choice for the record buying public, and that given that choice, will choose the music provided by FOUNTAINBLEU ENTERTAINMENT



Rafael Fuentes, President

FOUNTAINBLEU Entertainment, Inc.