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from "late night in the dog house"


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When four veterans of New York City's music scene (who collectively have over 40 years of experience) came together for the sole purpose of having a good time, and ended up making a dynamite record in the process. Geoff Worton, Dee Meyer, Steve Merola and Paul Bisbano have all left their marks on various past projects. Late Night In The Doghouse is the culmination of their collective influences and arrives shouting out loud and demanding to be noticed.

From the opening track, I Take What I Want, a Memphis soul raver, to the closing number, Pretty Flamingo (a hit for Manfred Mann), CatDaddy Jones takes you on a musical trek leaving no stone unturned. Along the way you are constantly amazed and surprised at their originality in re-creating familiar musical forms into something totally brand new. Advance listeners have described it as "…a party on a CD!"

It's that and more.