rudolph llanes





from "into focus"



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With R&B-spiked pop and infectious rhythms, Rudolph Llanes captures the everyman in love and longing complete with a voice that builds you up and breaks your heart. This is music for every day: like your favorite pair of jeans, these tunes are comfortable and sexy, put a sway in your step and are filled with infinite attitude. They are the first thing you want on in the morning and the last thing you want off with the light. He’s got tempo to match your first – and second cups of coffee, rhyme that reminds you (perhaps too well) what happened the night before, and plenty of soul left over to take you well into the next evening. From the first strains of "Those Words," Rudolph has you at hello – and good-bye is simply out of the question.

Rudolph Llanes’ debut CD release, Into Focus, is on the FOUNTAINBLEU Entertainment label, distributed nationally by Burnside Distribution. For more information on Rudolph Llanes, interview requests, or promotional materials, please contact FOUNTAINBLEU at 718-296-8122.