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Jeffery Salen (1953 - 2008)


Jeff Salen, noted guitarist, songwriter and vocalist died January 26, 2008. He was 54 years old.

Jeff Salen was an artist who made his mark at the beginning of the Punk-Rock era that brought us The Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads. As founder and guiding force of Tuff Darts, Jeff Salen wrote anthemic songs as "All For The Love of Rock & Roll" and "(Your Love is Like A) Nuclear Waste." The former being covered by such artists as Robert Gordon, Ram Jam and Motorhead. Jeff also leant his guitar playing ability to other artists projects, most notably, David Bowie, Ian Hunter and Sparks. With Tuff Darts, Jeffery recorded an album for Warner Bros.

Jeff dropped out of music for a time as he pursued his other passion, fashion. As owner of Diana & Jefferies, a stylish New York boutique, Salen - with wife Diana, operated a thriving business and has been featured on such TV shows as "What Not To Where." Still musically, he felt unfulfilled.

In 2005, Salen signed to Fountainbleu Records and released "The Endless Road," a surprisingly strong album considering his time away. The response was overwhelmingly positive. His 2007 followup, "Love & Trouble," had Jeffery engaging his band and this became more a group effort. Again, the response was positive and solidified his return. Also, in 2007 a Japanese label, Captain Trips Records released two albums of early Tuff Darts demos and live material.

Always known as a vivacious personality, Jeffery had fans all over the world. He received e-mails praising either his singing, guitar chops, or writing. He was a fixture on the New York jam circuit, wowing friends and fans alike with his furious guitar tone and always showing that he was doing it all for the love of rock & roll.

Jeffery Salen, guitarist, singer, writer & bon vivant is survived by his wife Diana and daughter Sofia. He will be missed.

Tuff Jeff Salen tangles with "Love & Trouble"
Punk Rock Pioneer unveils a solid second effort

Tuff Jeff Salen returns with a new album that redefines New York City Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Backed by his band, The Silencers, Tuff Jeff delivers a disc that covers a wide gamut of styles all poured through the strainer that is NYC. Whether singing or playing, guitar-slinger or balladeer; Tuff Jeff lets everyone in on the action.  Tuff Darts fans will get a charge out the re-make of “(Your Love Is Like A) Nuclear Waste,” a punk-rock classic that finally realizes it’s debt to Phil Spector. With fellow Darts Jim Morrison and John DeSalvo in tow, Tuff Jeff leads them through untapped material once destined for a Darts album; “You Stepped In It Now’” and “Can’t Give It Away.” Silencers Chuck Hancock and Johnny Black pitch in on vocals, sax and guitar; but it is Tuff Jeff that carries the day on potential hits as “A Boy Chases A Girl,” “Love & Trouble” and “Goodbye, Goodbye.”

Produced by songwriter/guitarist Diamond Dupree, Tuff Jeff and his band The Silencers have pulled together to create an album of wit, balls and emotion. Just like a Rock ‘n’ Roll record should.

Break out that air guitar and dance!