"Our Roots Are Showing" Summer 2010 Volume 3.3

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Orville Davis
Doña Oxford
Stew Cutler
The Right Reverend Swifty


Orville Davis To Tour Germany

Doña Oxford's East Coast Shows

Stew Cutler In New York

The Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre


Stew Cutler holds Court at Banjo Jim's, NYC

Stew Cutler has made a club in the Lower East Side of New York his personal stomping ground. Banjo Jim's, a small, intimate bar/lounge that promotes a broad range of musical styles, from folk and blues to out there jazz, seems to be perfect setting for Stew to try out ideas and entertain at the same time. Using Wednesday nights as his platfom, Stew digs in with original material, old and new. Stew also made a recent appearance at The 55 Bar, 55 Christopher St. in Greenwich Village, tearing it up with Booker King on bass and Gary Bruer on drums. More dates at the 55 as well as Banjo Jim's are expected in the fall.


The Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre is coming!

The Right Reverend Swifty LeZarre, who is quickly developing a reputation in London as a practitioner of the Piemont and Delta arts is planning in the near future to bring his brand of mysterioso blues and folk to these shores. No more about his movements or whereabouts can be discussed, as it could be seen as breaking a sort of code. We eagerly await his arrival. Get ready to testify.

Orville Davis Set to Tour Germany in Aug. '10

Orville Davis and his band The Wild Bunch are gearing up to tour Germany this August, starting on Aug. 20th through the 29th.

The band departs from JFK in New York Tuesday, August 17th and lands in Berlin the next day. After a day to catch up and rehearse, the band kicks things off in Gerbstedt and will followup that up with a string of one-nighters, untill the tour ends Sunday, August 29th. All this in support of Orville's last critically acclaimed release, Barnburner. "We hope to make new friends and do well enough so that they'll have us back," says Orville.

Tour Dates:

Friday, Aug. 20 Country Festival - Schuetzenhaus / 06347 Gerbstedt
Saturday, Aug. 21 Mad Joe's American Bar / 38855 Werniegerode
Sunday, Aug. 22 Pullman City Harz / 38899 Hasselfelde
Monday, Aug. 23 Pullman City Harz / 38899 Hasselfelde
Tuesday, Aug.24 Pullman City / 94535 Eging am See
Wednesday, Aug. 25 Pullman City / 94535 Eging am See
Thursday, Aug. 26 Sargstedtwarte / 38822 Sargstedt
Friday, Aug. 27 Roadhouse / Schneiderkrug
Saturday, Aug. 28 Countryfestival / Dobbertin
Sunday, Aug. 29 Zur Backstube / 15518 Langewahl-Streitberg

for further information please see Orville's MySpace or Facebook pages:

Doña Oxford Storms the East Coast, Europe, Readies Queens of Boogie for LA

Doña Oxford recently completed a small East Coast swing that brought her back to familiar and potentially new stomping grounds. These dates were booked in preperation for her shows in Switzerland and England. Doña started in Baltimore and did dates in NYC, Schenectady, and Linden, NJ. Her piano prowess is legendary, and was showcased in Boogie-Woogie festivals in Zurich, Switzerland and Bath, England.

Keeping the Boogie alive, Doña occasionally tours with The Queens of Boogie, four ladies who burn up the keyboard in various combinations. On September 12, The QOB's headline a fundraiser in Los Angeles. To find out more about the Queens Of Boogie and their show visit their website:

Doña is planning to take some time to refine her style and approach. She expects to be showing off her latest efforts in the coming months. In the meantime, Doe continues to perform in the LA area.


Studio News

Stew Cutler has completed a new recording, tentatively titled Afterhours. Plans are to release before the end of the year. It's an understated, slow burning effort that shows Stew grooving through standards and originals.

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